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  • Two cm margin should be left all round.
  • The Article Processing Charges (APC) are $100.
  • Manuscript must be written in Times New Roman.
  • Five lines (single spacing size 12) should be left after the margin.
  • Manuscript Title should be written in capital letters (size 16 bold).
  • The author name or names should written in small letters (size 11 bold). Each word starts with capital letter.
  • Author or authors email and phone number should included.
  • Main headings written in capital letters (size 12 bold) starting directly after the left margin.
  • Sub headings written in small letters (size 12 bold). Each word starts with capital letter starting directly from the left margin.
  • One line (single spacing) should be left directly before each main heading or sub heading.
  • The text should be written in small letters (size 12, single spacing) left justified .
  • The equation number should be written between brackets directly before the right margin. The equation number referred to in the text   as (x) where x is the equation number. One line single spacing should be left before and after the equation.
  • Figures and tables should be referred to as (Fig. x, Table x). The figure caption should be written central directly after the figure in small letters (size 12) while the table caption should be written central directly above using the same font and size as in figure. Figures and tables must be given after the conclusions and before the references.
  • References must be given at the end of the manuscript arranged alphabetically without numbers. One line single spacing should be left before and after each reference. The reference is referred to in the text by the author ,s name and year.
  • The manuscript should start with an abstract (not more than 200 words) written in small letters size 12. The abstract should indicate clearly the aim, the main results and conclusions of the research. It should be followed by key words (five to ten) related to the field of the research written in small letters (size 12 bold).
  • If the manuscript includes a list of symbols and nomenclatures, they should be arranged alphabetically and the list should be inserted after the abstract.
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